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community center

community center & plaza

nikolitsi (preveza), greece

90m2 (970 sf)

phase: dd



thanasis ikonomou (principle)​

alexandra tsolou (associate architect)

Inspired by childhood memories of growing up in Nikolitsi, the stoa is an events and leisure center aimed to re-establishing a center for the village

Evolving the classical archetype of a programmed platform, the stoa defines the southern limits of Nikolitsi’s newly designed Platea acting as both an edge and an extension of the Platea’s terraced platforms. Local courtyards where landscape blends with built forms inspires the stoa’s ambiguity as to whether you are inside or outside while a linear arrangement of rooms recalls vernacular dwellings in which all spaces had direct access to the courtyard.


The form is treated to a singular monolithic material highlighting its colonnade and light shaft to the south as architectural anchors.


With its rose textured concrete and open plan, this pavilion is to become a bridge between Nikolitsi’ past and future, with a flexible form which is to change and adapt over time.

Community Center

courtyard house

new construction, villa

athens, greece

800m2 (8 600 sf)

under construction



thanasis ikonomou (principle)

melissa nikolaidou (junior architect)

apex (architect of record)

Designed as two intersecting homes, one for formal entertaining and another for informal everyday living, the courtyard house integrates a double height internal garden with a ring of circulation at the collision of two linear homes.


The open plan allows free movement from one space to another and the openness of the ground plan contrasts the more internalized spaces of refuge on the upper floor.

With the program brief asking to design a multi-generational home, the courtyard becomes an especially important device acting as both a void - creating a buffer space between the different members of the family, but also as a social anchor for living spaces to branch off from - sparking a sense of togetherness typically not seen on a house of this scale.

Courtyard House

waterfall house

private villa remodel

athens, greece

800m2 (8 600 sf)




thanasis ikonomou (principle)

Built at the foothill of Mount Pentelis, waterfall house is a landscape redesign along with a renovation of an existing home.

As part of a plan to create dialogue between landscape and architecture, architectural artefacts such as columns, walls and benches are placed enroute from the lower gate towards the main entry of the home. Visual obstacles along the meandering allow for a curious exploration of the site within the previously open propery, while a large white plastered backdrop to the pool optically pulls the interior spaces outwards.

A renovation of the interior spaces introduces natural white oak millwork and furniture, creating warmth inside as a counterpoint to the white plasted walls and hammered white concrete of the exterior spaces.

Waterfall house_Ikonomou_yerolymbos 17.jpg
Waterfall House

house in a house

apartment renovation

athens, greece

88m2 (947 sf)




thanasis ikonomou (principle)

melissa nikolaidou (junior architect)

kleopatra tsalis (artwork)

House in a house is a restoration completed in 2023 of a 88 sqm 75 year old apartment within Kypseli staged with the works of Kleopatra Tsalis. With the apartment being halfway furnished, House in a House paints a partial picture of a dwelling with the guests being guided through the space and artwork inorder to dream of alternate ways of living and exploring.

The apartment began with a space which had undergone multiple previous renovations. Walls had been demolished in the 90s while new services and kitchen had been added in the 2000s. With each renovation, the character of the space further distanced itself from the original. This project is an attempt to move the space both forwards and backwards, revealing layers from the past while also celebrating its future. It is a canvus to experiment with space thus a collage of nested spaces of different characters.

House in a House
Wine Bar


mobile wine bar


100-400m2 (1000-4500 sf)

feasability study



thanasis ikonomou (principle)

melissa nikolaidou (junior architect)

Commissioned by a french celebrity vineyard, Hypernatural is a modular, traveling wine bar which draws inspiration from Southern France's film culture and the architecture of vineyards. It uses a lightweight metal frame stucture to define the central bar while filtering light as a reference to the importance of daylight in the production of wine.

The two ends of the barrel vault have been pulled apart, creating two VIP areas which integrate lighting and seating into a single pod. Between the bar and the pods is general seating which spills into the exterior terrace spaces and could be arranged according to the space requirements of the venue.

Two Houses

two houses on a backwards slope

two new houses

athens, greece

200m2 + 100m2(8 600 sf)

schematic design



thanasis ikonomou (principle)

melissa nikolaidou (junior architect)

apex (engineering consultants)

Designed in a property with not very obvious strenghts. The brief asked for two homes to occupy a narrow lot bound on two sides by other houses, and an unfinished orphanage on the third.

By identifying old growth pine trees within the property and views to a beautiful olive orchard from a future second floor, the design sought to create two homes of two identies, each which takes advantage of a different strenghts of the site.


The two homes are at different levels and of different characters. The larger occupies the ground floor and takes on the typology of a courtyard home. The second home is expressed as a delicated steel framed linear home which floats above the ground, framing the olive orchard and mountains above.


By having the two homes occupy a different strata on the site, the two homes maintain a sense of privacy from one another, eahc with its own identity all within a very small site.


diagonal house

diagonal house

athens, greece

300m2 (3 300 sf)

concept design



thanasis ikonomou (principle)

melissa nikolaidou (junior architect)

apex (architect of record)

Designed for an empty corner lot, this linear single family home provides equal oportunity views for every room of the house. Positioned at a slight angle from the north property line, the house opens up away from its neighbours, increasing its sense of vastness.


The entrance to the north combines a double height atrium and stairs to the floors above and below acting as a the spine of the home. The kitchen slightly protrudes outwards to provie a direct view into the pool from the cooking area.

Diagonal House

misplaced measure

sculpture in a sculpture park​

Viseu, Portugal



Winning Proposal



collaboration with

Signe Ferguson

Selected through an open competition, Our piece is quite literally a microphone into the home of a family of birds, a misplaced measure often overlooked.


We propose a small incision into the earth, placing the user inside of the listening device, a gramophone of sorts, precisely directed at a vernacular birdhouse installed at the top of the trees. An object of mystery,  and an echo chamber for nature, we hope that our sculpture houses not only curious users of the human form, but also nature, including the birds and plants. Too often, art is placed at the eye level, superseding the surroundings. In this case, the art is a gentle filter, exposing and projecting the surroundings, louder than before. The park is the true masterpiece. Listen. 

Sculpture in Park

recreation center

villars-sur-ollon – switzerland


thanasis ikonomou (principle)

What happens to a ski town without snow? This competition was launched by the city of Villars to re-imagine their leisure city as a reaction to global warming.


This proposal removes an existing ice-rink and relocates a new multipurpose sports complex on top an existing swimming facility. By demolishing the existing ice rink and placing a green space in its place, the center of Villars allows nature to reclaim the oversized hardscape, bringing it closer to the themes of landscape. The façade of the new arena is retractable - allowing it to open and close to its elements, adding another level of flexibility.


With the future of Villars uncertain, this facility aims to provide multiple scenarios of events, as it heads down a path of programmatic experimentation.

uncertain futures

Uncertain Futures

forest tower

residential tower


16 258m2 
(175 000 sf)

concept, schematic,

design develop



design lead while at Olson Kundig

project led by

Tom Kundig

Designed as “theatre seating”, the forest building critically investigates the way we consider large scale architecture in natural settings and the future of residential design.


The neighborhood for the new tower currently suffers from an over population of single family homes.

the tower seeks to provide an un-compromised living in hope of abandoning the single family typology for one of higher density and better management of resources. 

With a high level of customization, large terraces and exterior walls around 3.5 sides of each unit. Each unit has the feeling of a hybrid between a single family home and a condo. 

In an effort to blend the building with its environment, the building height has been set by the height of its adjacent trees clad with a natural copper exterior skin which is to age naturally and absorb its surrounding environment. An exterior public courtyard occupies the center of the building and the pixelated nature is the direct outcome of functional program requirements which to have larger units scattered through out the building, rather than the classical approach of clustering larger units at the top.

Forest Tower
Visitor's Center

visitors center

tytjerk – netherlands
1 000 m2 (93 sf)



designer while at while at Studio Maks


project led by juyna ishigami & marieke kums

The visitors center is part of a series of landscape and art interventions aimed at transforming the classical Vijversburg Park from an 1800s classical estate to a contemporary  public space. Working under the Japanese architect Juyna Ishigami and the Dutch Architect Marieke Kums, the building was designed as three reaching arms towards different moments of the park, the building's path like expression congregates into a central events space two meters below the ground's surface. The central events space adds a layer of spatial complexity to the park - a new vantage point where you as a guest are placed at eye level with the adjacent lake, a humbling moment designed to bring you closer with nature.

visitors cemter

deventer house

deventer – netherlands
120m2 (1 292 sf)




designer while at studio maks


project led by

marieke kums

Designed and built within an adaptive re use industrial zone within the small town of Deventer, this small footprint home at only 60 m2 per floor was designed as a series of rooms.


The rooms are designed with the ability to either open up to one another or close off so that heating can be distributed only to the rooms in use and also for maximizing privacy within a very small area.

small house

Small House

digital valley

new headquarters for Axel Springer's digital innovation

berlin – germany
82 140m2 
(884 125 sf, inc 
200 000 sf parking)
concept, schematic, design develop


part of core design team while at OMA

responsible for inventing spaces, selecting materials, defining the circulation system, researching and exploring ideas on co-working and visualizing architecture through collage, models, diagrams, drawings

project led by

Rem Koolhaas

& Katrin Betschinger

The original masterplan asked for a tower with an adjacent park which did little to provide a new experience to the Axel Springer Headquarters. Our winning competion entry, re-interpreted the brief and designed the building  with a grande atrium and a public landscape occupying the roof of the building. With the spaces in red illustrating the publicly accessible portions of the building. The threshold between public and private no longer stops at the door, but rather sandwiches the private office spaces by encroaching from below and above with spaces accessible by all.

Designed to encourage collaboration and cross-pollination of disciplines, this “void” is the heart of the building. Imagined as an inversion of the Berlin Wall that once stood here, it symbolizes Berlin’s new age direction of openness, inclusion and diversity. My role included sculpting the space, defining the circulation system and helping the team select materials through research, explorations and visualization.

Digital Valley

alto university masterplan

otonemi - finland

52 000m2 
(560 000 sf)




designer while at studio mak

project led by

marieke kums

Open spaces and buildings are designed not as individual objects, but as a unified whole on the scale of the Otaniemi area. Together they form a new type of landscape, a new type of environment in the central area of the Aalto Campus.

The new building(s) do not aim to compete with their natural and built surroundings, but try to merge, to blend in. The facades appear to merely consist of screens, separating in and exterior environments. These interior environments will be designed by different architects, creating different atmospheres and identities’, visible on the outside.

The gardens will be designed by different landscape architects; their character may vary between natural parks to urban plazas. A network of paths in is linked to the existing networks, creating a continuous fl ow of people on their way to classes, to their workplaces or on their way home.

future campus

Future Campus


nike's center for innovation

portland, oregon – usa
64 475m2 
(694 000sf, inc 
300 000 sf parking)
olson kundig

concept, schem., design develop, const. docs, const. admin



designer for programing, research labs, collaboration zones, feature stairs and coordination with consultants.

project led by

Tom Kundig & Steven Rainville

Designed to house Nike’s creative class, this building will become home to over three-hundred designers with aims of designing and prototyping every single new piece of Nike’s footwear and apparel. The large linear atrium extends across the entire building, providing a linkage between all the departments. At either ends are the most experimental components of the building - cantilevered to the South is the Nike research lab, a gymnasium used to test prototypes while at the north terminus of the atrium is the concept creation lab, a prototyping lab to be used by shoe designers and clothing designers alike.


lakeside home

minneapolis, minnesota – usa
930m2 (10 000 sf)






while at architecture research office (ARO)

project led by

stephen cassell 

Designed for an art collector, the re-design for this 1970s lake-side residence transforms an Italian revival into a contemporary summer house which doubles as a Modern Art Gallery.


Conceptually, the Gallery “ring” was to remain bright and minimalist while the four quarters anchored at the corners are treated to rich textures and colours - providing distinct identities, tailored to different programs.

large house

Large House
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